COVID-19 Response and Temporary Shutdown

By on March 13, 2020

UnallocatedSpace Family,   As you’re all well aware by now, communities around the globe are fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday (March 12th) at 4PM governor Larry Hogan held a press conference in which he declared Maryland as being in a State of Emergency. Also during that conference he enacted an executive order which prohibits large gatherings and events […]


Epic LAN Party — This Saturday!!

By on May 25, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend LAN Party hosted at Unallocated Space this Saturday [05/28/22] – Bring your gaming computer/laptop, Switch and related gaming peripherals. If you wanna pitch in for Pizza bring a few bucks, or your smart phone with PayPal password. — This event is being hosted from Unallocated Space and inviting all gamers to join […]

UAS Community Tech Swap Meet/Garage Sale (Anne Arundel, MD)

By on July 10, 2021

UAS Community Tech Swap Meet/Garage Sale (Anne Arundel, MD) Unallocated Space (UAS) Community Tech Swap Meet/Garage Sale (Anne Arundel, MD) We’d like to invite you, your family, and friends to our community tech swap meet/garage sale this Sunday, July 18th, 2021, 7 am-3 pm, rain or shine. The purpose of the sale is to clear […]

Jelly’s Raspberry Jam Party 2020

By on January 7, 2020

We’re planning early this year for Raspberry Pi’s birthday. UAS will be celebrating the second run of this event on Saturday, March 14 from 2pm-7pm. Event details to be held at:

Jelly’s Raspberry Jam – Update!

By on February 28, 2019

Schedule for our first jam is live at our page here! See you March 2!

Jelly’s Raspberry Jam party

By on February 12, 2019

Take a look at our post about our first Raspberry Jam here! It’s happening March 2, 2019 at UAS!

BrewCon 2018 – Update!

By on November 3, 2018

Check out our page for our 2018 BrewCon on November 10th.   We’ve updated with details and schedule!   See you Nov 10th!!

DC443 + WSC

DC443 Presents: WSC CTF Practice

By on September 30, 2018

DATE: 12OCT2018 TIME: 1900-2100 TOPIC: DC443 Presents: WSC CTF Practice SUMMARY: Marcelle and Dina did a forensics CTF/workshop for BSidesCharm in 2017 and are bringing it to UAS for competition practice! Forensic “evidence” will be provided, including a memory dump, network capture, HDD image, and log files. Flags are planted throughout. Link will provided closer […]

BrewCon 2018

By on September 30, 2018

BrewCon 2018 Unallocated Space is hosting its very first BrewCon, scheduled for Saturday, November 10, 2018. We’re currently looking for homebrewers and fermentation enthusiasts to present talks and tastings. If you’re interested, fill out our CFP/CFT submission form. The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2018. Talks and tastings will be selected and presenters notified […]

Unallocated Space’s 8th Anniversary Party (Nov 3rd)

By on September 22, 2018

**You’re invited to the Unallocated Space’s 8th Anniversary Party! The time is upon us again. It’s time to celebrate our successes with all our friends and patrons! Unallocated Space (UAS) cordially invites everyone to join us on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 to celebrating 8 years of providing the community a place to teach, learn, and […]

Electronics Fundamentals

By on September 20, 2018

We will be running a weekly progressive electronics fundamentals class on Tuesdays from October 9th to the end of the year. I will add 2019 dates from AC circuits in December. Please see the calendar for exact dates and details. October 9th will be an orientation day. We’ll be going over all the details of […]

Networking 101 Bootcamp

By on August 31, 2018

Join us at Unallocated Space on Saturday, September , 2018 for an 8 hour introduction to Networking. We will explore the OSI Model as well as conduct labs with Wireshark and Packet Tracer. By the end of this course you should have an understanding of a simple LAN that includes routers, switches, and firewalls. Please […]


DC443 Presents – GreatSCT: Gotta Catch ‘Em AWL

By on July 12, 2018

What is DC443? DC443 is an evolution of the OSCP study group. It’s our goal to learn hands-on techniques, generally on the red-team side, as well as strengthening our CTF skills. FORMAT: Technical talk followed by hackthebox/hangout SUMMARY: This month we’ve lined up a (remote) talk with Chris “Lopi” Spehn of Derbycon and BSides speaker […]

DC443 + WSC

DC443 Presents: WSC CTF Practice

By on June 17, 2018

DATE: 22JUN2018 TIME: 1900-2100 TOPIC: DC443 Presents: WSC CTF Practice SUMMARY: Marcelle dreamed up some new challenges for the ISSA Mid-Atlantic conference, and we are bringing them to the group for our next WSC-UAS-DC443 meet-up. Everything will be run through the CTFd challenge platform, so all you need is a connection to the Internet and […]