DC443 + WSC

By on September 30, 2018

DATE: 12OCT2018

TIME: 1900-2100

TOPIC: DC443 Presents: WSC CTF Practice


Marcelle and Dina did a forensics CTF/workshop for BSidesCharm in 2017 and are bringing it to UAS for competition practice!

Forensic “evidence” will be provided, including a memory dump, network capture, HDD image, and log files. Flags are planted throughout. Link will provided closer to the event.

Contact Marcelle (marcelle.lee {at} womenscyberjutsu {dot} org) with any questions.

WHAT TO BRING: Your laptop and enthusiasm. You will need some forensics tools – we recommend Autopsy, Wireshark, and Volatility. These are all available in the Kali Linux distro.

SKILL LEVEL: Everyone – we encourage teamwork!

PRESENTERS: Marcelle @marcelle_fsg and Dina @dinaduncan

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