Unallocated Space is a place for collaborative education and research.
We want you to visit our space and get involved!


Become A Member

Here’s where we’re different from other hackerspaces: We value active participation and building a vibrant community dedicated to having a great time while doing awesome things with technology.

We want you more than your dues.

But, being a real space with real bills, we have to get them paid somehow. We have keyholders who collectively pay the space’s operating expenses and share responsibility for running events and opening the space for use.

So we don’t have a need for “members”. We do have a need for participants, people who show up on a regular basis and do cool hacks. Our participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds and a wide variety of income levels. Therefore, we have a name-your-own-dues policy. Our participants give anything from $10 to over $200 a month.

Unallocated Space is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We strive to serve the local hacker and maker community by providing a place where people can learn new skills, build cool projects, and meet like-minded people. Unlike most hackerspaces, all of our events, classes, and workshops are completely open to the general public for free. We have continued to serve the community in this manner for over seven years thanks to our many generous donors. We do offer some perks to our recurring donors as follows:

  • $25/month gets you secure, unthrottled WiFi and access to the VM lab.
  • $50/month gets you a box to store your projects at the space*, 2U of rackspace in our server rack**, and a locker*.
  • $100/month makes you eligible to become a keyholder** and gets you a project box*, 2U of rackspace**, and a locker*.

*May be limited by availability.
**See a board member for terms.

If you would like to become a recurring donor or make a one time donation, please use one of the following methods:


To set up a recurring donation through Paypal, use the form below:

Membership Levels
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To make a one time donation, use the button below:


If you’re interested in becoming a participant, show up at the space! For more details, you can always find us in IRC or on our mailing list.

How can I hold an event at UAS?

If you would like to host your event at Unallocated Space please click here.

Events are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Generally, Wednesday evenings and Saturdays are reserved for space events.

Another note: A Keyholder must be present whenever the space is open.

What to Expect at UAS

We’re a working hackerspace. You might walk in on a class in session, a LAN party, robots being assembled, an active soldering/desoldering effort, a big dance party with loud music or all of the above at once. Most of the time, you’ll see folk tinkering away on their laptops or a small project.

We have a lot of computers, tools, tables, lamps and a lot of random hardware in various states of completion and organization. There’s always something for you to get involved in, even if it’s your first time at the space. If the space is open, there’s a keyholder who can help introduce you to the space, how it works and how to get involved.