Teach, Learn, Build.

Unallocated Space is a technology-based community center, based out of a 1600+ SF space located in Severn, MD.  While our community shares a diverse range of interests, from electronics to woodworking, our primary focus tends to lie in Information Security.  Our members offer a steady stream of talks, classes, and other events which are all free of charge and open to the public at large. Our motto is: “Teach, Learn, Build.”


To foster creative and technical growth through open collaboration by providing tools and resources within the greater Baltimore-Washington Metro area.

Our Space

We’re located at 512 Shaw Court, Severn MD, 21144 and is open to the public most days for people to come and collaborate on their projects.  You can always check our homepage for the status on whether the space is open or closed.

We have plenty of room for 25+ people to sit and work on any hardware or software projects they would like to build out, in addition to a woodworking area, several televisions, projectors, and project storage.

Thanks to generous donations from our members, we have plenty of shelves of hardware ranging from old to modern.  We’ve got small electronics, network gear, cellphones, power tools, and anything else you can think of. Participants are encouraged to walk over, grab a computer, install the OS of their choice and get to work. When you are done with what ever you are working on, we only ask that you put it back where you found it.


There are plenty of parking spaces in the front, on the side, and around the building. We only ask that you attempt to not block another business during normal business hours.


We have skills ranging from traditional network hacking to software development and hardware design. There are some participants of the space who are just starting to learn what hacking is and others who have been doing it since before there was a computer in every household.

There is no application or cost to participate.  Just show up, introduce yourself, bring your project or check out someone else’s.  If you’re interested in becoming a member check out the memberships page.


We have a small Board of Directors which handles legal, financial and any confrontational or interpersonal concerns. There is a larger group known as the “Keyholders” who each have keys, run events, open the space on a regular basis, and help maintain and take care of the space. The keys elect the board. And finally our largest group is members.

Meet the Board

 President / Adam (Digital Tinker)
Vice President / Whitney
Treasurer / Corey
Secretary / 0ddside

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.