By on July 27, 2022

We will be running a weekly progressive electronics fundamentals class on Tuesdays from August 23rd, 2022 to the end of the year. Please see the calendar for exact dates and details.

August 23rd will be an orientation day. You’ll only need a notebook and pen for this day. We’ll be going over all the details of the course and what all the materials will be used for.


Course Description: ​This progressive, hands-on course will cover the fundamentals of electronics, including direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), and semiconductors. As we progress though the course we’ll build and analyze a variable DC power supply, then build an audio amplifier.


Instructor: Corey Koval ([email protected])


Required Materials:


Course Outline

Topic #1: DC: ​definitions, voltage, current, electrons, how electrons flow, Ohm’s law, resistors, resistor color code, resistor dividers, series circuits, parallel circuits, series-parallel circuits, power, diodes, switches and circuit protection, capacitors, inductors

Topic #2: AC: ​frequency, waveforms, capacitors, capacitive reactance, inductors, inductive reactance, impedance, RLC circuits, transformers, rectifiers, voltage regulators

Topic #3: Semiconductors: ​transistors, amplifiers

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