By on March 28, 2018

DATE: 20APR2018

TIME: 1900-2100

TOPIC: DC443 Presents: WSC CTF Practice


For our April CTF practice session, we will be working through the live MITRE STEM CTF: Cyber Challenge 2018.  This CTF is designed for students but is also open to professionals, and it is likely we will have a mix of both.   If you would like to participate, please register as a competitor on the MITRE site in advance. Players can compete individually or on teams of up to five people (we recommend teams).  Students/student teams are eligible for prizes. Please note that if you mix students and professionals on your team you will not be eligible for prizes. The MITRE CTF also features a practice range.  

The competition will run from April 20 at 7:00 PM UTC until April 21 at 7:00 PM UTC, which is equivalent to 3:00 pm EDT on April 20 to 3:00 pm EDT on April 21.  Want to see the time conversion? Visit this site.  Note that it is very possible that Unallocated Space may stay open later that night for competitors if there is sufficient interest.  

Contact Marcelle with any questions.  

WHAT TO BRING: Your laptop and enthusiasm.


PRESENTER: Marcelle @Marcelle_fsg


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