By on July 31, 2017

Thank you to Everyone for coming out to INFOSEC NIGHT.


We started off a little slow and with some confusion and some help from the crowd I think we are on the right track.  I am not sure if I misrepresented what the idea was for the event.  I will just clarify so we are all on the same page.


First and foremost this is a Working Group NOT a class.  This is a thought exercise and a reason to learn some stuff or find a better way to do something.


I am the official cat herder.  I will attempt to do things diplomatically at first but will also keep this crazy train on track and may have to squash things to keep us going.


We are NOT making a new operating system.

We are NOT competitors in the hacking operating system market.

We are NOT building repositories or doing distribution.

We are NOT writing and building our own tools.


We are creating a script to customize vanilla Ubuntu 16.04 to our own custom build.

We are changing configs, setting, security, and a myriad of other things to the system itself.

Then we will figure out a good way to customize tool installation.

There will be files to fill out templates or lists or some way to make it specific to the 10 tools that make you the defensive or offensive person you are.


Saying Kali Sucks and building all this is to do the following:

Get you to stop downloading Kali and take a look at what you use for tools.

Get you to write some bash script and learn some ins and outs of configuring a OS.

Get you out of an easy comfort zone and press you to learn through beating your head against the wall.

To learn from each other.  Everyone has strengths in other areas we might be weak in.



Downloading Kali is easy, Having someone else do it is easy.  We are taking a hands on approach.  Fork it.  Make it yours.  Feel cool that you learned along the way.




Again take a look at Dave Kennedy’s PTF from Trusted Sec.  This is to help us frame how we want to do this.


I am starting the outline for the first shell script.


Join Slack

Join Github



We are doing once a Month at this time.  Most of our communication will be done via Unallocateds Slack channel #infosec.  We dont have to be in the same room to contribute to the github so that makes it easy.



See you next time.

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