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We’re doing this crazy thing called a hack-a-thon all over again! We’ll be working on a multitude of different projects and have plenty for everyone in every skillset so come on out and spend some quality time collaborating as we BUILD some great things together.
Schedule: Saturday March 4th – Sunday March 5th:

 * 12 – 12:30pm: We’ll be teaching some basics to get you started with Git.
 * 12:30 – 1pm: We’ll go over all the various projects and task options to help you figure out what you would like to work on and also a bit of “how to hack-a-thon”.
 * 1pm (on Saturday): Hackathon begins! Beware the wompster. (This is a thing.)

 * 1pm (on Sunday): We’ll call it done, and have our closing and raffle for those who registered. (You don’t have to be present to win as long as you registered with an email for us to contact you.)


Don’t forget to register:


What We’ll Provide:

  • Snacks, Coffee (K-Cups), Soda, Water, Energy Drinks, Beer.


What to Bring:

  • Something to do work on (laptop, etc.)

  • Snacks / Drinks you prefer (or to share).

  • Money to order actual meals (unless all you want to do is snack).

  • Comfy Clothes

  • Deodorant (Keep the funk at bay.)

  • Headphones (If you want.)


When to Arrive:

If you want to learn some Git Basics or have never done a hackathon, we suggest you show up a little before noon to get setup for when we kick off orientation.

Otherwise, whenever you want. The schedule lays out when we’re kicking things off, but it’s a 24 hour hackathon, so drop by whenever for as long as you like, or be hardcore and go the distance with us! Whatever you choose is up to you!


What Should I NOT Forget to Do?

Don’t forget to REGISTER! 😀



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