By on October 26, 2016

We are greatful to have received a large donation of open box retail items to tinker with. We’ve had the pleasure of squirreling away those items we can best put to use. As we continue to sort this amazing treasure trove of items, we need your help. We won’t be able to test and store all these items and want to turn this is to a win-win for everyone.

Here is the deal. We will be conducting a flash sale of these open box retail items all day Friday, October 28! Starting 9am to 7pm. You may check our open status on Twitter at @ UASStatus or call at 410 DASH 921 DASH 9410.

  • Make an offer or Grab Bag! An grab bag is a $25 dollars donation for no more than 25 items. The only restriction is, you’re limited to only one of each type of item and it has to fit in your bag. All offers are welcome.
  • Those above restrictions may we waived at our discretion.
  • Everything is AS IS and all purchases are final.

You’re welcome to use our space to fix whatever you like with our equipment!

See our Craigslist ad at

Check out this Meetup with Unallocated Space http://meet.
Learn more about Unallocated Space at .

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