By on August 24, 2016

Come out THIS SATURDAY, August 27th, to the space for an EPIC LAN Party and Table Flipping event!

This Saturday, we will be running our first ever Table Flipping event. We decided to try this awesome idea out after seeing how much fun it was at MAGFest.

We’ll be running this event to raise funds for the space. We have determined the following ‘tables’ for your flipping and destructive pleasure. >:D

– A bare table can be flipped.
– A “Kitchen Table” can be flipped, with tablecloth and (fake) food/items.
– A “Toys Table” can be flipped, with stuffed animals / toys.
– A “Gaming Table” can be flipped, with board games and cards.
– A “Office Supplies” table can be flipped, with stapler/tape/keyboard/etc,
– A “Printing Station Table” can be flipped, with a printer/scanner/etc. and office supplies.
– A “Tech Table” can be flipped, with a Laptop and other office/tech items.
– UPGRADE: We’ll make the “Tech Table” a workstation/tower instead of a laptop.
– ADD-ON: You can also add-on use of a baseball bat to follow up your flip and smash the laptop/tower/printer for 10 seconds of pure destructive bliss. “PC LOAD LETTER?!!” …Want more time? Stack this add-on!

Donation levels will start at $20. We will accept cash and paypal donations for this event.

We will provide safety glasses or you can bring your own. Supplies for this event are limited. So, show up and sign up early!!

We’ll run this for at least 5 hours, during which, we’ll also be grilling food and gaming. So, come hang out and behold the mayhem.

Noon-3pm: LAN Party Setup / Pick-up Games / Table Flipping Event
3pm-5pm: Grilling Food / More Table Flipping / Tourney / More Gaming
5pm-12am: All the fragging fun you can handle…

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