By on April 18, 2013

I apologize for taking this long to announce the next Arduino night agenda. I’ve been running out of ideas O.o

Here is the agenda:

  1. Refresher for 7 segment displays
  2. Displaying numbers with a 7 segment display
  3. Using tactile switches
  4. Using tactile switches to increment numbers on a 7 segment display

Required Items:

  1. Laptop with the Arduino IDE installed
  2. Arduino (UNO, Mega, Duelslfdjfeket, or Boarduino)
  3. USB cable for your Arduino

Provided Items:

  1. 7 segment display (If you have any 7 segment displays, please bring them)
  2. Tactile switch
  3. Resistors

If you need any items in the required items section, please E-Mail [email protected] We have a few of all of the required items, but we need to know how many to prepare.

Since the space runs off of donations, we would like to mention that the recommended donation for this class is $5. It is by no means a requirement! Attendance to the space, and this class, is 100% free to all!

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