Maryland (MLD) TOOOL Chapter meeting.

On the second Wednesday of the month, We host the monthly meeting for the Maryland (MLD) The Open Organization of Lockpickers. Chapter members from around the DMV area often join in the fun and learning.

We picking whatever locks we’ve got! We talk about locks, we work on locks, we do locksport related stuff! ๐Ÿ” ๐Ÿ” ๐Ÿ” ๐Ÿ”


To support a hands on approach for anyone who wants to learn about pin-tumbler lockpicking and to support veteran pickers who want to discuss more advanced topics like security pins, different locking mechanisms, key impressioning, decoding, and safe manipulation.

 Rules for Locksport     

  • Do not pick locks which you do not own.      
  • Do not pick locks in use.     
  • Safety is important!

Lockpicking 101 (Every class.)
Typically we cover a primer on the single pin picking (SPP) of pin and tumbler locks over the course of 15 minutes. Class-wide Q&A often includes assistance from other lockpickers. We will spend the rest of the time picking and talking about the hobby locksport and related topics. The initial 15 minutes of the presentation is (not always) formal. This is a casual class anyone may participate.

Advanced Lockpicking. (Time permitting.)
Our goal here is to cover any advanced locksport topics. Everyone attending is encouraged to bring equipment, locks, or talking points if you want to present or discuss something specific.

Security pins are part of intermediate locksport discussions and are encouraged.

  • Additional Topics include:
    • Impressioning
    • Other Types of Lock Mechanisms
      • sesame, rotating disc, dimple, lever, sidebar wafer
    • Decoding locks and keys
    • Master Keyed systems
    • Bypass techniques
    • Safes
    • Hardware hacking & electronic locks

Equipment including lock picking sets are available for purchase.


MacGnG: “I got cool locks to show everyone.” I am a lock collector. Locksport is fun. Flay introduced me to the Maryland chapter of TOOOL.”

Flay: I’ve been lockpicking for years and was the 2 time winner of the GrrCon ‘Cage of shame’ lockpicking challenge. I think it’s great fun, and I’m excited to be able to encourage others in the hobby.

I walked away having picked at least one lock!

I learned something new!


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