By on July 12, 2018

What is DC443?
DC443 is an evolution of the OSCP study group. It’s our goal to learn hands-on techniques, generally on the red-team side, as well as strengthening our CTF skills.

Technical talk followed by hackthebox/hangout

This month we’ve lined up a (remote) talk with Chris “Lopi” Spehn of Derbycon and BSides speaker fame. The topic of discussion is Application Whitelisting with GreatSCT.

GreatSCT is an open source project to generate application whitelist (AWL) bypasses. This tool is intended for BOTH red and blue team. Blue team can benefit by testing the publicly known application whitelisting bypass methods. We will review the most common application whitelisting bypass methods and how to utilize these methods with GreatSCT.

PRESENTER: Lopi / Flay

SPEAKER: Chris “Lopi” Spehn
Show him some love @ConsciousHacker and https://blog.conscioushacker.io

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