By on October 24, 2017

Hey all,

After a few solid months the OSCP study group has run its course. I feel good about what we’ve covered, but now that we’ve got a handle on what we need to do as individuals for the OSCP, it’s time to change what we do as a group.

I’ll be sunsetting the OSCP study group in its current form, and transforming the event into a Defcon Group.
If you like hands on security, and the kinds of people who head to Defcon within a casual environment, this will probably be an event for you.

Keep an eye on the blog/calendar/meetup for the official change

In the meantime, We’ll still be hacking the boxes and CTFing on Fridays, so if you’ve been doing that (or you want to start) you’re encouraged to keep showing up.

– Flay

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