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DATE: 10OCT2017

TIME: 1900-2100

TOPIC: INFOSEC NIGHT: Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure


A Discussion on Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure.

During this event we will discuss those best practice topics recommended by information security professionals for personal home networks. During this event participants will openly discuss and provide examples of each mitigation.

Don’t be a victim. You can help protect yourself and your family by following some common-sense guidelines and implementing a few simple mitigations on your home network.

Please provide additional topics and/or questions in advance, so that they may be addressed or integrated into the discussion.

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Personal Computing Device Recommendations

1. Migrate to a Modern Operating System and Hardware Platform
2. Install A Comprehensive Security Suite
3. Limit Use of the Administrator Account
4. Use a Web Browser with Sandboxing Capabilities
5. Use a PDF Reader with Sandboxing Capabilities
6. Update Application Software
7. Implement Full Disk Encryption (FDE) on Laptops
8. Download Software Only from Trusted Sources
9. Secure Mobile Devices

Network Recommendations

1. Configure a Flexible Home Network
2. Disable Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Tunneling
3. Use a Firewall
4. Implement WPA2 on the Wireless Network
5. Limit Administration to the Internal Network
6. Implement an Alternate DNS Provider
7. Implement Strong Passwords on all Network Devices

Home Entertainment Device Recommendations

1. Protect the Device within the Network
2. Use Strong Passwords for Service Accounts
3. Disconnect When Not in Use

Internet Behavior Recommendations

1. Exercise Caution when Accessing Public Hotspots
2. Do Not Exchange Home and Work Content
3. Be Cognizant of Device Trust Levels
4. Be Wary of Storing Personal Information on the Internet
5. Take Precautions on Social Networking Sites
6. Enable the Use of SSL Encryption
7. Follow E-mail Best Practices
8. Protect Passwords
9. Avoid Posting Photos with GPS Coordinates

See you there!


GOAL: Spread and teach good online safety practices.

WHAT TO BRING:  Questions and Comments

SKILL LEVEL:  Everyone

PRESENTER: Buddy (@budhandyman)

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