By on September 20, 2017

DATE: 21SEP2017

TIME: 1900-2100

TOPIC: INFOSEC NIGHT: War Stories from the Red Team


Penetration testers attack systems, exploit people, process, and technology. We break in, root around, and cause mischief and mayhem, and they pay us for it. Why? Because knowing what the bad guy can do helps corporations prevent the real bad guys from getting in. We are the sexy rogues than you don’t take home to meet your mother… Unless we have her under contract first.

Red teaming is an adversarial engagement where the objective is to breach, compromise, and otherwise invade a companies resources paid for by that same company to help them map their exposure and develop a plan to shore up risks. Red teamers assume a scope and persona, and make things happen. We may be required to break in to computers, buildings, or secure areas. Our goals might be to gain domain admin or to access the recipe for the secret sauce.

Tomorrow, join me as I tell all (that my NDA will allow). The good, the bad, the ugly. War stories from the front line, and a Q&A.

GOAL: To tell stories and have fun

WHAT TO BRING: Questions and comments


PRESENTER: httplov3craft

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