By on August 7, 2017

DATE: 10AUG2017
TIME: 1900-2200
TOPIC: INFOSEC NIGHT: Practical Privacy with a slice of Pi
Our privacy online has never been under more threat than it is today. With bulk data collection rampant, and ISPs obtaining the right to sell browsing history how do you maintain a practical level of privacy and take control of your digital life back.

In this talk we will discuss the different adversaries stalking you online, the common problems with your private information and data leakage, and how to protect your online presence in a practical manner on a sliding scale based on the level of impact and level of privacy that you are comfortable with.

Are you concerned with being tracked by Google, Facebook, and the like? You are not alone. Come to InfoSec Night, learn about your adversaries, and how to stay safe online. Bring a Raspberry Pi 3 and leave with a Wireless Access Point that will make TOR accessible to you.


1 Know your adversary and how to protect your privacy at a level of anonymity that you are comfortable with.
2 Build an AP that will use TOR to create another layer of privacy

Things to bring: Raspberry PI, sd card, power supply, crossover cable, case

Pis will be available on site in limited supply for sale.

PRESENTER: httpLov3craft

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