By on August 1, 2017

SUMMARY:  For those in INFOSEC and starting out in INFOSEC there is a small barrier to entry to some jobs.  Ok there are a few barriers but those are not tonight’s topic.  We will talk about all the Alphabet soup Certifications that keep popping up on job requirements and the best way to tackle them.  Maybe you don’t need them and you want a leg up on your resume.  Maybe you just wanna know where to get started.  Well this night is for you.  And on that note the night is not for old INFOSEC curmudgeons to come in and talk bad about certs or your opinion on certs validity.  You will be deemed a troll and dealt with accordingly.  I should not have to say that and you know who you are.

This event is not a study group or a test prep.  It is for open discussion for those who don’t know how or where to get started.  If there is enough participation or lots of people interested in the SAME certification we can discuss the possibility of a study or prep group.  There are just too many certifications to start a class for all of them.

GOAL:  I want those that come in to get a better understanding of the Certifications their levels and how they pertain to certain jobs and job requirements.

Things to bring:  Questions, Curiosity, and a CAN DO attitude


Find a few job requirements or job descriptions for your field or slice of INFOSEC.

SKILL LEVEL:  Everyone


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