By on July 21, 2017

Thank you to Everyone for coming out to INFOSEC NIGHT.


We had a great turn out.  I like seeing the new faces in the crowd.  I am glad more and more people are learning about INFOSEC and about Unallocated and what we have to offer.


I hope everyone liked the presentation.  I tried to show concepts and ideas through my own adventures with the Raspberry Pi.  This was not a hands on event because there are so many possibilities and things that can be done with this mini linux machine.


I absolutely take feedback and based on class interest I will work with Understudy to prepare classes for the following that were requested:


Bro on a Pi

-Build from a fresh OS a BRO IDS Node.



-Building and Deploying a PiHole to your network


Raspberry Pi-neapple (build your own Wifi Pineapple)

-Take the concept of the Wifi Pineapple and build a custom angry AP for your needs


Wifi Pineapple Class (not Raspberry Pi but it was a class that was requested)

-101 Basics out of the box use and familariaty

-201 Intermediate (building on knowledge of Modules, Plugins, Apps or Infustions)

-301 Expert (I will be looking for help on this one.  I have not mastered this myself yet)


These will be classes rather than just being a Overview or Talking Point Presentation.  I will put together a parts list and class framework so keep an eye out.  Since I just got the ideas on 20July I don’t have a date for you yet when I will have these completed and are ready for public consumption.


If you have other ideas for talks or classes we are always open to your feedback like our kick off night.  And we are still going over the 50 ideas that were offered that night as well and finding a good time for those as well.


Again Thank You very much for coming out and I hope you enjoyed INFOSEC Night.  Dont forget to check out, use, and contribute to the GitHub:


Don’t forget we operate on a donation and membership model to keep things up and running.  If you can please give back in anyway possible and we will keep the lights on keep the classes running.  If you have only visited for INFOSEC night take a look at our website and calendar for all kinds of other events going on at the space.


Have a great weekend and see you all next week.

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