By on July 18, 2017

Hey all,

Earlier tonight (7/17) I ran a Test Run of a Linux class that I am developing. I did so with the goal of revealing any issues with the exercises, infrastructure, and the flow of the course.
I wanted to reach out and thank all who showed up, participated, and provided the wealth of great feedback, as well as a special thanks to Bowie for letting me use the space on Project Night.

I’m compiling and organizing all of the feedback tonight, and will get started on updates to the course tomorrow which will continue up until the release of the class.
There are a ton of improvements to make and I want to thank you again for bearing with the Severn area Comcast internet outage, and the rough edges in the presentation.

I’m really encouraged that we had a full house of people interested in the finished event, and am trying to work quickly to finish up the exercises while doing service to the topic.

I am shooting for a Final release in October

For those who asked how to donate to UAS for providing free area education you can do so through:

Thanks again!
– Flay

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