Jelly’s Raspberry Jam Party 2019

Unallocated Space is hosting its first Raspberry Jam on March 2, 2019 from 2pm to 7pm

What is a Raspberry Jam?

A birthday celebration to celebrate everything we can do with a $35 computer. The day shall be filled with events where anyone can show off projects they’ve made and learn new things by building projects with our instructors.


2pm-3pm – Welcoming/Greeting

2:30 or 3pm – First presentation – Introduction to Jam Day, Raspberry Pi’s
3pm (or following Intro) Workshop 1: Traffic Light
Part 1: How do we make lights blink?
Part 2: GUI for Lights
Part 3: Sense-HAT-Random-Sparkles.pdf

4pm Talks: jjuran (emulation), Jeff, Usako (pi-star/dmr), Justin (temperature sensor)) BobbyR (pihole)

5:30pm Show and Tell (RetroPi, PhotoBooth, Kali, Minecraft Python, Windows 10 IoT, etc.)

7pm closing

Potential Projects:

All of our events are free, but keeping the lights on is not. We’d like to suggest a $5 donation for this event, but it is not required.

If you’d like to learn about supporting the space by becoming a member, we’ve got a page just for you!