Originally called Textile’s Sewer (since soiree is hard to pronounce and spell), this event is dedicated to sharing information about anything technical or just awesome. As Technology Enthusiasts, most of us are constantly learning about new technologies. The Minicon is a event dedicated to sharing what we have learned with others. Speakers can use this as a way to practice their talks before conferences and/or just practice their speaking skills and get feedback. If you have a request for a topic or are interested in giving a talk, contact Pronto via the google group, meetup group, in person or whatever other medium you prefer. If any presenters want to share their presentation, please make a request via our Github.

January 12th Minicon

  • 6 talks planned – see Minicon Slack Channel for Details

Ways to contact pronto:

  • twitter @_pronto_
  • email: [email protected] (tag with UAS minicon in subject)
  • on UAS slack.
  • respond to google group Minicon update thread

Next Minicon Talks

  • Your talk could be here
  • Perfect place to improve your speaker skills 
  • Perfect place to test your next conference talk

Topics Requested:

  • Interesting Science/Electricity
  • RF/HAM/Wireless/Networking
    • 802.11ac
    • GPS vs. Glonass
    • GPS as a time source, spoofing GPS
    • Bluetooth
    • Wireshark Filters
    • Scapy
    • Basic Snort Rules
    • GSM Packet Analysis
    • Bluetooth Packet Analysis
    • Flow Data Analysis
    • VOIP Traffic Analysis
    • VLAN Tagged/802.11 Traffic Analysis
    • Intro to SEM/SEIM/SIEMs
    • BSD – building networking devices with BSD
  • Plasma Speaker – How does it work
  • Minecraft
    • FTB Server (Feed The Beast)
    • Exploiting
    • Writing your own mods
  • Web Apps
    • Restful vs. Not
    • Hiding Jar Files
    • Libraries/JQuery
    • Basic Exploitation
    • HTML5 Vulnerabilities/issues
  • Building a Home lab
  • Forensics
    • Mobile Device
    • HD Geometry
    • OS Structure on a HD
    • Reversing
    • Malware Analysis
    • Malicious PDF analysis
  • Pen Test
    • NetCat/CryptoCat
    • Walkthrough of what happens in a exploit
    • Anything
  • Programming
    • Programming with WMI
    • Wine – Explaining how the backend works?
    • WSUS API
  • Solar Power
    • How does it work?
    • How much is worth implementing at home?
  • Whatever else people are interested in or are currently researching

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Previous Talks

Some future Minicon:

  • Security education and awareness training (new slant on old problem) – SecureMaryland
  • Haskell Intro – Robert
  • Running a remote development team – R00ster
  • Molding and Casting – Eric S

March 31st, 2018 (12pm – 5pm) Talks: 
Meetup Event Link

January 13th, 2018 Talks:

  • Information Security Conferences – @ForgottenSec
  • Technical Problems in building defensive infosec training – @ForgottenSec
  • Chiptunes 101: Beeps and Boops from 8-bit 80’s machines – @inversePhase
  • Demoscene 101: Algorithmic Computer Music Videos – @inversePhase

October 1st, 2017 Talks:
Meetup.com Event Link

June 17th, 2017 4pm-8pm Talks:
Meetup.com Event Link

  • Robust defense for the rest of us – Russell Mosley
  • Classifying and Analyzing CTFs – Forgotten
  • Curiosity and the Tech Industry – Forgotten

April 23rd, 2017 3pm-7pm Talks:

  • Creating technical training – learning more then your students – Forgotten
  • Intro to Reverse Engineering – Maddie Stone (will include hands-on)
  • If You Give a Mouse a Microchip… It will execute a payload and cheat at your high-stakes video game tournament – Mark and Rob
  • How to unstupid the stupid without spawning more stupid – Waxwing
  • Android Primer – what you can’t find on the internet – Harrison

February 19th, 2017 Talks:

  • SOC Discussions – Forgotten
  • InfoSec Interviewing – Forgotten
  • Intro to Windows Forensics – Jacque
  • Transparently Tor-ifying your whole network – Lattera
  • Blinded by Big Data, Paralyzed by Analytics, Decipher by Machine Learning – Kevin Figueroa & Dickson Kwong
  • Your Talk could go Here

Saturday, Nov 19th, 2016 Talks:

  • OpenC2 – Countermeasures at machine speed – sFractal
  • Mystery by @flyryan
  • Hacking the Human – Social Engineering Basics by Dave Comstock
  • SOC Discussion – Forgotten
  • Your Talk could go Here

Saturday, July 9th, 2016 Talks

  • Breakdown of Signature-Based IDS and their differences – Forgotten
  • You provide the shell, we’ll give you the power. A dive into powershell – OakTree/SecureMaryland
  • Welcome to the web – how deep do you want to go. An intro to the deep dark web – SecureMaryland
  • Teaching yourself iOS and Swift programming – Sasha
  • Adventures in HardenedBSD – Lattera

May 14th, 2016 Talks:

  • Introduction to Asciidoc(tor) – Chuck
    Github link to Presentation
  • Fairwinds, the PostGreSQL game – Berend
    You will want to read the “Fairwinds Overview”, “Fairwinds Tutorial” and “Fairwinds SQL Pasteables” reference pages in advance available at Github Link to Presentation. These documents explain how to connect to a Postgresql data base, basic use of the psql client software, and will prepare you to be a competitive player.
  • Just boot – There is no reboot – SecureMaryland
  • API-level emulation of classic Mac OS – Josh
  • SpaceNet (SpaceFed) – Sameer
    Github Link to Presentation
  • Network Situational Awareness with tcpdump – Thomas
    Github Link to Presentation

December 19th, 2015 Talks:

  • Powershell Cliff Notes – OakTree
  • Measuring a Coaxial Cable length with a Oscilloscope – Corey
  • HAM Radio at UAS: Taking HAM Radio to the next level – Charlie
  • Introducing Pork Roaster or whatever name it ends up being – Lattera
  • Building the NSM Pipeline – Forgotten
  • Snort Rules – Walking through the basics – Forgotten

July 18th, 2015 Talks:

  • Simple FPGA SDR – ProtoCode for Project
  • Reverse engineering circuit boards with JTAG – Proto
  • UAS LED sign project – S00nerCode for Project
  • CatchAll – Gathering passwords from bruteforce SSH attacks – GomiCode for Project
  • Zigbee vulnerabilities in depth – Crypt0s

February 7th, 2015 Talks:

  • I’m here, now what? – (Lessons learned instructing and OSCP) – OakTree
  • Blender 3D Modeling/Animation – Eric S
  • On-boarding new Security Tools: Lessons Learned – Forgotten
  • IPTABLES, logs and securing your remote server by ItsTonyE
  • Wifi PenTesting – Tools and Techniques – Raymond Gabler

November 1st, 2014 Talks:

  • Securing Your Assets from Espionage – Stacey Banks
  • Intro to Android Apps – Usako
  • Do We Still Need Pen Testing? – Badguy
  • Snort Tuning – The precursorForgotten
  • CTF Stuff – Guy from the Anniversary Party
  • Orwell’s Nightmare: the emerging police state and technology – Ebil

May 3rd 2014 Talks:

  • Emergency Cloud System – Jesse Alexander, PG County ARES/RACES
  • Amateur Radio computer compatible Networks – Keith Elkin KB3TCB
  • SSH ranking – Pronto
  • ASLR on FreeBSD – Lattera
  • IDS and NSM: Cut the Shit! – DA
  • Vlan decoding and hops – OakTree

March 1st 2014 Talks:

  • State of Unallocated Space – Forgotten
  • The new UAS Website – R00ster
  • How to get started in consulting – Stacey
  • Andy Kaufman: or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Troll. – Gomi

January 2014 Talks:

  • Putting the bio back in Cyber warfare! – Wonko
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and clock sychronization – Matt Whitehead
  • Mame Arcade, the trials and tribulations – ItsTonyE
  • Setting up a transparent tor proxy with FreeBSD, pf, and tor – lattera
  • Multirotors and Drones – Shifter
  • “A Sheep in Wolfs Clothing, lessons learned from a security guy” – Wasabi
  • 3 way switches – Charlie

October 2013 Talks:

  • IRC Server Installation & Configuration – Hunter
  • Origins and History of table-top RPGs – Michael
  • Your First Linux Kernel Patch – Matthew
  • Intro to Burp Proxy for Web App Pen Testing – Forgotten

July 2013 Talks:

  • So you want to be a Pentester? – a non-technical look into pentesting – SecureMaryland
  • Google Glasses – Sebastian
  • Lessons Learned from HAM Radio Field Day 2013 – Charlie
  • Runtime Process Insemination – Lattera
  • IRC, python, and networkx! – Pronto
  • Home Monitoring and Automation with Arduino and Pytho – Seth
  • Exploiting Music Streaming with JavaScript – Franz (Pre-Defcon run)

May 2013 Talks:

  • Writing Metasploit Modules – Surefire
  • Meterpreter Internals – Brian S
  • Trials and Tribulations of using Amazon EC2 instances – Proto
  • UAS Field Day Plans + General HAM radio discussion – Charlie
  • Forensic Packet Analysis – Wonko
  • CJDNS+Project Meshnet – Nimblesec

January 2013 Talks:

  • Thrown Weapons Demo
  • A OSX Security Primer
  • An introductory explanation of sockets using basic Python
  • Demo of GWT/GXT for web apps – libraries
  • Forensics Primer
  • Exploiting Music Streaming with JavaScript
  • SSH for Pentesters
  • “Demystifying InfoSec Challenges”

November 2012 Talks:

  • “SSH Public Key Authentication”
  • “Software defined radio with my DVB-T usb stick and HDSDR” – Proto
  • “Basic Malware Analysis”
  • IRC Basics
  • “Basic ircd setup, server linking, and load balancing”
  • InfoSec Challenges
  • Public Speaking

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