Facilitate a distro-agnostic understanding of linux systems.
To introduce tools and critical methods for performing a wide range of tasks.
Enable students to better solve their own problems.

Skill Level:
This is a rigorous entry-level or intermediate course. If you have never used the shell before, you are encouraged to spend 1 hour on:
Code Academy: Learn the command line to learn the basic navigation skills you’ll need to flow through the class.

This course is an instructor led course heavy in hands-on activities with an element of ctf-style gamification. The course is currently 8 sessions long and ends in a capstone project. The class is designed to be 60/40 with theory and hands-on exercises.

Generally we’ll cover one topic, I’ll open up the exercises and we’ll move on.

You will need to bring a laptop or mobile device that can run a web browser. The class will be taught using virtual machines which students will register at the beginning of the class. A keyboard is encouraged

Though you only need a browser, you’ll enjoy yourself more if you install an ssh client such as:
puTTY tray or cygwin on windows
juicessh on android
serverauditor on IOS
default ssh client on MacOS / Linux.

Instructor Note
Hey I’m Flay. I’ve been a native linux user for years and have spent hundreds of hours in research and experimentation developing this class and its exercises. It may never be finished, but it is my sincere hope to help you reach your own linux goals through this class.