Greetings Fellow Hackers/Crackers/White Hats/Black Hats/Security Enthusiasts/Newbs/Leets

We want to Teach, Learn, and Build in the Spirit of Unallocated Space but with a twist toward INFOSEC and we want to do this every other Thursday right at Unallocated.

We want to TEACH topics and concepts and present information for people to learn from for both defense and offense.

We want to LEARN from each other. We will hold Workshops and exchange information about all kinds of things to include anything from personal setups and networks to trying to break the Zodiac killer letters.

We want to BUILD the community. We are in this together. We as a INFOSEC community must get together and share all the cool things we know how to do so we can all do them and protect our privacy, networks, and information.

We want to create an environment for new people to the community to learn. We also want to have a place for people who have advanced skills to get together and do cool things by coding something up or reversing something.

Our format will include: Classes, Work Groups, Q&A nights and whatever sounds interesting from a wide variety of instructors.

If you have interest in becoming an instructor for an infosec night please feel free to reach out to Usako on the Unallocated Slack.