3D Printed Files
3D Printed Files
A variety of 3d printed files on a printer.

Come to Learn and Share!

3D Printing Night allows us all to share our knowledge, experience, and our prints.

Activities include:

  • Learn 3D modeling with tools like TinkerCAD
  • Show off your favorite prints
  • Find out what printers to buy
  • Discuss recent 3D printing news and trends
  • Get help with your printing problems
  • Share slicing tips and tricks
  • Participate in group build of 3D printers
  • Contribute to group 3D printing projects

This friendly 3D Printing Night has a wide range of participants. From those who don’t own a printer to those with several printers. Everyone has something to share. Contact phr0ze if you have any questions.

Unallocated Space has several 3D printers available for use.

Group Project:

The current group project is a 3D Brake Caliper model. Let us know if you want to print a portion of it.