By on January 8, 2014


The more observant among you might have noticed a LAN party on our calendar for this Saturday night. It’s been a while and we need a way to offload the pent-up holiday rage, so let’s make it happen. We’ll have dinner and games, briefly interrupted by a short tournament.

5:00 – Doors open
6:00 – Gaming starts
7:30 – Pizza arrives ($5/person)
9:00 – Tournament begins
??:?? – Everyone goes home happy (sometime after midnight)

We’ll enjoy pizza, drinks, and gaming the night away. We’ll have servers running for our old favorites (UT2k4, TF2, L4D2), but we’re looking to mix it up a bit. We’ve got our own ideas, but we really want YOUR ideas, so please take a minute to fill out a really quick survey.

PLEASE RSVP via the survey (or just reply to this thread, if you’d rather) so we save a seat for you.

Hope to see you there!
— Surefire, Nonie, and Wrecker