Next Minicon 3pm on December 19th

Every few months, we host an event called the Minicon that creates a forum for you to share your interests and learn about others. Between 5 and 10 speakers present in 15 minute to 1 hour sessions. Regardless if you have preparing your material for a conference presentation, getting comfortable speaking or have something interesting you know about, we ask that you please share with the Unallocated Space community. Regardless if you present a refresher on something many people already know or share something new your learning, your input is valuable.

Here is the list of previous presentations and requested ideas:

Please email Forgotten {at} Unallocated Space {dot} org if your interested in speaking.

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Arduino Night (4 Dec, 7-10PM)

Topic: NeoPixels

7:00 to 9:00
-Benifits of the NeoPixel
-basic theory
-NeoPixel library
-planing our display

9:00 to 10:00
-extended constructive playtime
-any other projects

Things to bring:
-Computer with Arudino Software installed
-Arduino Uno board (Adafruit says the Mega does not work “out of the box)

I will have NeoPixel strips for everyone, but if you have your own please bring them for MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS!!!!!!!!!1

If you want to run a lot of pixels please bring a 5v power supply. At 60ma per pixel power consumption starts to add up quick.

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Announcing UAS Ham Radio Net!

Starting this Wednesday, Unallocated will be sharing an existing Net with the National Electronics Museum, which is already open to all amateur radio operators, not just members of the K3NEM club. Likewise, you don’t have to participate with the UAS Ham group, but we hope you may find interest in either or both clubs!

Unallocated (W3UAS) will be sharing net controller duties with the K3NEM club, alternating each week. This will be the first week of the collaboration and K3NEM will be hosting.
If you are interested in acting as Net controller, we need volunteers. Next week will be our turn to host the Net. Please send an email to if you are interested.
Wednesday Evening 2M EM-C Net Details:
When: Wednesdays 1930 Eastern until 2030 Eastern
On: 146.76 MHz (WA3DZD repeater)
Repeater Details: 
Background: This is an open net for the Baltimore – D.C. metro area. It is conducted in a Q&A format with a weekly topic facilitated by the week’s NCS. Participants are
welcome to bring their own questions about amateur radio or electronics history
to the discussion. Our objective is to promote camaraderie among ARCNEM members and local hams while sharing knowledge about amateur radio and its history.
For more details, see:
For the Net Controller Script: (PDF)
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Arduino Night (20 Nov, 7-10 PM)

Topic: Stepper Motors

7:00pm to 9:00pm
-Theory of operation
-manually stepping the motor

We will be working with the 28BYJ-48 motor and driver board. So that means motors and blinkenlights at no extra cost!

9:00pm to 10:00pm
-any other projects people are working / need help on

What you need to bring:
-A computer with the Arduino software install
-Any Arduino or compatible 5volt board
-breadboard and wires

-any stepper motor(s) you would like to play with.

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Join us for Ham Night this Friday @ 7pm

Got an interest in Electronics?  Radio?  or just being able to makecontact with someone on the other side of the earth without the use of apaid network?  Then Ham Radio Night is for you!

Hams do a lot with microcontrollers and electronics.  A good understanding of numbering systems can go a long way.  This month Charlie will present a quick and simple way to convert between 4 different numbering systems.  Bring your pencil and paper as we will be going old school to show you how we can show the same number 4 different ways!

We will also talk about winter projects coming up and start our planning for 2016!

Hope to see you there!


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Solder Class (10 Nov, 7-9 PM)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to solder? Come to Unallocated Space on Tuesday, November 10th at 7pm. We will walk you through the basics of safe soldering. You will be assembling the SparkFun WeevilEye kit. We have plenty of kits on hand, so come on by to this free event and gain a new skill!
All tools and materials are provided free of charge, however you are welcome to bring your own tools if you want to get comfortable working with those.

This event is in conjunction with the Maryland STEM Festival

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Halloween Party and Potluck (Oct 24th, 5 PM)

Let’s get together for a Halloween party/pot luck! Every one is invited!

This will be a kid friendly event complete with a craft and some pumpkin carving for the kiddies! There will also be prizes for a costume contest! Please share what you would like to bring to the pot luck here.

When: October 24th 2015 5pm till whenever

Where: Unallocated Space

Who: EVERY ONE but must 21+ to drink. NO HARD LIQUOR!

What: Good food (hopefully some themed foods), Good fun, pumpkin carving, COSTUME CONTEST!!!

Why: Simply because we enjoy our UAS family and getting together is fun!!

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The Electronics Fundamentals Class Reboot starts in less then 2 weeks!

Starting Monday, October 19th the Electronics Fundamentals class will begin!
The class will kick off around 7pm and run until about 9pm.

The first class will be all theory but it will be the foundation for every other class to follow. We’ll be covering things like what electricity is, what an electron is, units such as coulombs and joules and how they tie into volts, amps, and ohms.
We’ll also talk about the equipment you’ll need for the following classes and why they’re essential in any technician’s tool kit.
Powerpoint slides will not be used for this class. Powerpoints are boring.
I highly recommend bringing a notebook, something to write with, and a scientific calculator. If you want to use a laptop, that’s fine too. Writing things will be easier. That’s all personal preference really.

Required equipment for all the classes:

  • Notebook
  • Pen/Pencils
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Variable DC power supply (must cover at least 1.5 to 15V, capable of at least an amp):
    • I own the power supply in the link, it seems worth the $30.
    • We have 3 power supplies available on a first come-first serve basis. I don’t recommend relying on there being one available.
  • Resistor assortment
    • Radio shack and other retailers carry similar assortments.
    • Several people used the sparkfun resistor kit in the last run of the class. We found the leads to be very thin and not breadboard-friendly.
  • Digital Multimeter:
    • Any DMM will work, as long as it has AC/DC volts, AC/DC amps, and can measure up to at least 2M ohms
    • You get what you pay for with meters. You don’t need a $100 fluke, but I don’t recommend the $5 Harbor Freight special.
  • Your meter will stick with you for a very long time if you get a good one!
  • Breadboard
    • Radio Shack, Sparkfun, and all sorts of other places sell breadboards!
  • Jumper wires (with alligator clips)

These are the most handy things to have in your tool box, seriously.

Optional items:

  • Spool of solid 22 or 24 AWG wire
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire cutters
  • Long nose pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Soldering Iron/Solder
  • Magnifying glass
    • For those who have trouble seeing up close. You’ll be reading tiny part numbers on components and colored bands on resistors.

Since Unallocated Space runs off of donations, we would like to mention that the recommended donation for this class is $5. It is by no means a requirement! Attendance to the space, and this class, is 100% free to all!

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New Course starts Sunday! Basic Linux System Administration

Always wanted to feel more comfortable with Linux? Our resident Linux expert, Matthew, is presenting the first session of a basic Linux class, based on a commercial “Linux System Administrator I” class, with permission from the vendor of the class.

Sunday from 7:00 – 8:30 PM
RSVP here:

The topics of the course start off with the basics, but the class will continue beyond the proposed eight-weeks if students want to move on to advanced topics:

1. Accessing the command line.
2. Managing files from the command line.
3. Getting help in Linux
4. Creating, viewing, and editing text files.
5. Managing local Linux users and groups.
6. Controlling access to files with Linux file system permissions.
7. Monitoring and managing Linux processes.
8. Controlling Services and Daemons.
9. Configuring and Securing OpenSSH Service.
10. Analyzing and storing logs.
11. Managing Linux networking.
12. Archiving and copying files between systems.
13. Installing and updating software packages.
14. Accessing Linux file systems.
15. Using virtualized systems.

Since Unallocated Space runs off of donations, we would like to mention that the recommended donation for this class is $5. It is by no means a requirement! Attendance to the space, and this class, is 100% free to all!

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Arduino Night (25 Sept, 7-10 PM)

:Topic: I2C

7:00 to 9:00
saying hi over 2 wires

9:00 to 10:00
open time
please bring any projects you are working/need help on

Arduino Uno compatible board
Computer with the Arduino software installed
Breadboard and wires

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