INFOSEC NIGHT: Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure (11/12)

DATE: 10OCT2017
TIME: 1900-2100
TOPIC: INFOSEC NIGHT: Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure

A Discussion on Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure.

During this event we will discuss those best practice topics recommended by information security professionals for personal home networks. During this event participants will openly discuss and provide examples of each mitigation.

Don’t be a victim. You can help protect yourself and your family by following some common-sense guidelines and implementing a few simple mitigations on your home network.

Please provide additional topics and/or questions in advance, so that they may be addressed or integrated into the discussion.

Please RSVP at

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Intro to Signal Analysis with SDR

Come out to Unallocated Space Monday, October 2nd, 2017 at 7pm to 10pm for an introduction to radio frequency (RF) signal analysis. This 4 week class will cover locating, identifying, demodulating, and decoding common RF signal types.

Week 1: We will make sure everybody’s system is working. We will decode some basic signals just for test purposes. If you are sure your Linux system is working with the tools mentioned below you can skip this session.

Week 2: We will cover the various modulation types and digital encoding schemes. This will include learning to listen for digital signals, and visually identify them on the waterfall.

Week 3: We will practice decoding several different types of signals. We will also touch on how to use the GNU Radio Companion.

Week 4: We will look at reverse engineering some FSK and ASK/OOK type signals. We will use different tools such as Baudline and Waveconverter

Please bring the following hardware items:

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September 30th – 12 Hours of Epic LAN Gaming!!

It’s that time again — time for another EPIC event of the LAN Party variety!! 

That’s right. another epic twelve hours of gaming and fragging fun!!

Bring a dish or snacks to share, if you wish, and we’ll have a spread for lunch and snacking! We’ll likely order pizza around the dinner hour, so bring $5-10 to get in on that action. 

Bring your gaming rig, whether laptop or desktop, your **UPDATED** games/clients/OS, potluck item(s), and an appetite for destruction and mayhem (virtual, that is.) 

Approximate Schedule: 

  •  12pm – 2pm Setup
  •   2pm – 5pm Free Play (we’ll see what people are interested in)
  •   5pm – 6pm Minecraft Hunger Games Style Deathmatch
  •   6pm FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •   6pm ~ 7pm TBD Tournament ‘Hot Seat’ + Dinner Break
  •   7pm- 12am Free Play (we’ll see what people are interested in)

Games We Typically Play or Have Seen Interest In:

  •  Minecraft PvP – Hunger Games style ~ Team Deathmatch [You need a MC Account to play]
  •  L4D2 – (4 player Co-op or 8 player 4v4 versus)
  •  TF2 – (TF2. You know what it is.) [FREE]
  •  Evolve – (4v1 class game; monster vs hunters) [FREE]
  •  Killing Floor / Killing Floor 2
  •  Quake 2 / 3 – (Retro FPS Deathmatch)
  •  UT2K4 – (Team Deathmatch FPS)
  •  Brawlhalla – (Similar to smash bros., but cross-platform) [FREE]
  •  Doom / Doom 2 [FREE]
  •  Guns of Icarus Online – (Team-controlled Steampunk Airship Deathmatch)
  •  Move or Die – (Multiplayer, 4 Player Versus)
  •  Rocket League – (Racing + Soccer)
  •  Dead Realm – (Multiplayer Horror)
  •  Descent – (Retro Team Deathmatch OR Co-op, Vertigo) [FREE]

Please let us know if you have any additional game suggestions, questions, or comments. 

We’re really excited for this event and expect it to be an EPIC evening of fun!!  
We’ll have the Vive out and weather permitting, we’ll be flipping some tables out back!! ;-D

While all events at Unallocated Space are free to all, we do ask that you consider making a donation to help us keep putting on events like this and others. Your support is what keeps the lights on!!

Please be sure to RSVP!!

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INFOSEC NIGHT: Intro to Dynamic Malware Analysis (9/28)

DATE: 28SEP2017
TIME: 1900-2100
TOPIC: INFOSEC NIGHT: Intro to Dynamic Malware Analysis
Tonight we are going to talk about the basics of malware analysis, and we are going to do it by live detonating a few malicious files on screen and going through the findings together. This will be one part Q and A and one part live fire exercise as we talk about some of the basics of malware analysis such as determining callouts, finding malicious processes, and looking at registry changes. We will also talk about some of the basics of building a malware sandbox yourself and what tools you might want to try to get started. This will be manual dynamic analysis, so no sandboxing unless there is some time to go over sandbox reporting.
GOAL: Detonate some malware and see what it does
WHAT TO BRING:  Questions and comments
SKILL LEVEL:  Everyone
PRESENTER: Understudy
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INFOSEC NIGHT: War Stories from the Red Team (09/21)

DATE: 21SEP2017

TIME: 1900-2100

TOPIC: INFOSEC NIGHT: War Stories from the Red Team


Penetration testers attack systems, exploit people, process, and technology. We break in, root around, and cause mischief and mayhem, and they pay us for it. Why? Because knowing what the bad guy can do helps corporations prevent the real bad guys from getting in. We are the sexy rogues than you don’t take home to meet your mother… Unless we have her under contract first.

Red teaming is an adversarial engagement where the objective is to breach, compromise, and otherwise invade a companies resources paid for by that same company to help them map their exposure and develop a plan to shore up risks. Red teamers assume a scope and persona, and make things happen. We may be required to break in to computers, buildings, or secure areas. Our goals might be to gain domain admin or to access the recipe for the secret sauce.

Tomorrow, join me as I tell all (that my NDA will allow). The good, the bad, the ugly. War stories from the front line, and a Q&A.

GOAL: To tell stories and have fun

WHAT TO BRING: Questions and comments


PRESENTER: httplov3craft

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OSCP Study Group – Friday Sept 22nd

PURPOSE: Hack things to help prep for the OSCP Certification.
TIME: 7pm Fridays (Except 1st of the month)
Check the meetup to RSVP:

FORMAT: This week it is — Lecture & Lab time (~40/60)

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate – Advanced
Go through exercises & reading for weeks: 1 – 4

SUMMARY: We talk about hacking boxes then we hack boxes.
This week we’re covering weeks 3-4 from and using the oscp simulated network in hands-on activities led by Rhett.

EQUIPMENT: Kali (VM or Bare Metal)

POST MEETING MINUTES: To be updated after meeting



We took a break from walking through the pentest bootcamp materials to participate in CSAW CTF 2017 because CTF’s are fun. Before we jumped in we ran two demo’s.

  • Meatbunny gave a nice live demo on http for the newbies, and reminded us all that you can just use the python SimpleHTTPServer instead of setting up a full web server. Here’s the spell python -m SimpleHTTPServer
    This project has been moved to http.server in python3. Find out more by clicking on this Fancy Link
  • flay walked through a python script to communicate over sockets using the socket.makefile method instead of handling buffer data manually. (Used this exact thing on the solution for ‘ serial ‘ in CSAW.
  • Then we all started banging on CTF problems. Ask for our hideous code / solutions. We’ll probably share.
    If you want to play, join #ctf ; we’re competing until it ends.
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Arduino Night – Wednesday September 20th


Arduino Night is a meetup for those interested in learning more about microcontrollers and their applications. Each month we’ll explore a new topic and get some hands on experience using the Arduino environment. All experience levels are welcome; we will cover basics for beginners and discuss more advanced topics for those with more experience who are interested.


The intent is to be workshop focused. I may cover some topics in a short powerpoint, but I want you to walk away from every class having built/written something, or at the very least have you started down the path to building/writing something.

The actual focus of each class will vary, depending on what people are interested in. If there is a topic you would like to explore, or a project you would like to build, please don’t hesitate to ask!



You’ll need a board that can be programmed by the Arduino IDE.
There are countless available but you can buy both the component kit and an Arduino (uno) for $20 dollars each during the class ($40 dollars total).

If you want to build your own kit, Here’s a very brief overview of different Arduino compatible boards.

  • Arduino Uno (or compatible) – The ‘vanilla’ Arduino board. It has the basic input/output, and will give beginners plenty to play with. However, it doesn’t have any connectivity built-in, so if you want to do more than just control things you’ll need more hardware. You can order these online, or pick one up at Microcenter.
  • Arduino Nano – Small and compact version of the Uno.
  • ESP8266 Based Boards – A family of boards based on the ESP8266 wifi module. These boards can be programmed by the Arduino IDE and come with wifi built-in. There are a number of libraries available to do a bunch of intersting things. Here are some available options:
  • Many, many, many more

If you’re just getting started, an Uno (or Uno clone) is a good starting point.

I would also recommend some basic components: LEDs, buttons/switches, resistors, transistors, buzzers and 7-segment displays. There are a variety of kits available that come with everything you need to get started. Check Amazon, Adafruit and Sparkfun for some available options. Adafruit and Sparkfun also sell individual components. We will also have some components
available for those who are not able to bring their own.


If you are just getting started, please install the Arduino IDE, or set up the Web IDE.

If you have some experience under your belt, and you hate the Arduino IDE (I don’t blame you), I’d recommend Platformio. It’s a good step up from the standard Arduino IDE.

September Class Project

We’re going to build a stopwatch/timer!

The hardware for this will involve at least two 7-segment displays, a piezo-buzzer, two buttons, and your Arduino. We will have resistors on hand for those who do not have their own. We will have kits available in limited quantity with all these parts (and more) for $20. If you have a board with limited I/O, you will also need a shift register.

We will use this as an opportunity to explore the various libraries available on the Arduino platform. We’ll also explore some basic programming techniques and practices.

Instructor Note

Hi, I’m Clegg. I work as a Firmware Engineer and have a passionate interest in embedded computing. I love the intersection of hardware and software, where resource constraints call for interesting solutions to difficult problems. I hope to encourage others to take an interest in this growing field.

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OSCP Study Group

Hey all,

For the next few weeks we’re shifting the format from doing liveshares on vulnerable machines to doing a more conventional class structure supported by instruction, followed by lab time.

Much of the instruction is being done by an OSCP / OSCE holder as well as a regular speaker, most recently at BSidesLV and Defcon25.

I’m currently in the process of building a vulnerable network which mirrors boxes found in the OSCP labs which should be done by the next meeting.
If you want to catch up go through weeks 1-2 on:
– Flay


  • cmdandcontrol did a live walkthrough of weeks 1&2 from pentesterlab (including writing the http clients).
  • httplov3craft shared A sick method for Bypassing Split-Token UAC on administrative accounts. This is current for fully patched and updated windows 10 as of 8/26/2017.

  • flay shared an enhanced interpreter called bpython and showed how it can be used to do speed up python script development. Its awesome, you should use it.

  • meatbunny and f13 threw in serious work in getting the infrastructure ready for the oscp simulated lab. I stayed through most of the night and got 8/10 of the vulnerable machines live, so as of now it is ready to use.

  • NEXT WEEK: Weeks 3 & 4 on ptl-ptl-bootcamp Read up on PHP & DNS as well as SSL / TLS and do the exercises.
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    Arduino Night

    Arduino Night is a meetup for those interested in learning more about microcontrollers and their applications. Each month we’ll explore a new topic and get some hands on experience using the Arduino environment. All experience levels are welcome; we will cover basics for beginners and discuss more advanced topics for the more experienced who are interested.


    At the moment, the format is open. It will likely evolve depending on who shows up and what they are interested in. The current plan is to have a brief presentation about a certain aspect of microcontrollers, and then break up into a workshop where participants can build various circuits with their Arduino. I am open to suggestions, as I want to make the class entertaining and useful to those who are interested.
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    Unallocated Space’s 7th Anniversary Party (Nov 11th)

    **You’re invited to the Unallocated Space’s Seventh Year Anniversary Party!

    The time is upon us again. It’s time to celebrate our successes with all our friends and patrons! Unallocated Space (UAS) cordially invites everyone to join us on Saturday, November 11, 2017 to celebrating 7 years of providing the community a place to teach, learn, and build.

    Expect copious amounts of food, drink, people, and music. What would be an UAS Party without a fire tornado ‽ (Interroban: U+203D) Thank goodness you don’t need to ponder this too long. There will be an epic fire tornado and mini conflagration (aka camp fire).

    Also we are excited about updating you on the good things we’ve been up to and love to thank all those outstanding individuals who’ve contributed to the space this year by making a few exciting announcements and changes within UAS. **If you like having fun and meeting people with similar interests, then this event is for you!

    • Date/Time: Saturday, November 11, 2017 / 3PM – 12AM
    • Location: Unallocated Space, 512 Shaw Ct Ste 105, Severn, MD 21144

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