Arduino Night

Arduino Night is a meetup for those interested in learning more about microcontrollers and their applications. Each month we’ll explore a new topic and get some hands on experience using the Arduino environment. All experience levels are welcome; we will cover basics for beginners and discuss more advanced topics for the more experienced who are interested.


At the moment, the format is open. It will likely evolve depending on who shows up and what they are interested in. The current plan is to have a brief presentation about a certain aspect of microcontrollers, and then break up into a workshop where participants can build various circuits with their Arduino. I am open to suggestions, as I want to make the class entertaining and useful to those who are interested.
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Unallocated Space’s 7th Anniversary Party (Nov 11th)

**You’re invited to the Unallocated Space’s Seventh Year Anniversary Party!

The time is upon us again. It’s time to celebrate our successes with all our friends and patrons! Unallocated Space (UAS) cordially invites everyone to join us on Saturday, November 11, 2017 to celebrating 7 years of providing the community a place to teach, learn, and build.

Expect copious amounts of food, drink, people, and music. What would be an UAS Party without a fire tornado ‽ (Interroban: U+203D) Thank goodness you don’t need to ponder this too long. There will be an epic fire tornado and mini conflagration (aka camp fire).

Also we are excited about updating you on the good things we’ve been up to and love to thank all those outstanding individuals who’ve contributed to the space this year by making a few exciting announcements and changes within UAS. **If you like having fun and meeting people with similar interests, then this event is for you!

  • Date/Time: Saturday, November 11, 2017 / 3PM – 12AM
  • Location: Unallocated Space, 512 Shaw Ct Ste 105, Severn, MD 21144

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INFOSEC NIGHT: Practical Privacy with a slice of Pi

DATE: 10AUG2017
TIME: 1900-2200
TOPIC: INFOSEC NIGHT: Practical Privacy with a slice of Pi
Our privacy online has never been under more threat than it is today. With bulk data collection rampant, and ISPs obtaining the right to sell browsing history how do you maintain a practical level of privacy and take control of your digital life back.
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INFOSEC NIGHT: Certifications Open Forum

SUMMARY:  For those in INFOSEC and starting out in INFOSEC there is a small barrier to entry to some jobs.  Ok there are a few barriers but those are not tonight’s topic.  We will talk about all the Alphabet soup Certifications that keep popping up on job requirements and the best way to tackle them.  Maybe you don’t need them and you want a leg up on your resume.  Maybe you just wanna know where to get started.  Well this night is for you.  And on that note the night is not for old INFOSEC curmudgeons to come in and talk bad about certs or your opinion on certs validity.  You will be deemed a troll and dealt with accordingly.  I should not have to say that and you know who you are.
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INFOSEC NIGHT: Working Group Kali Sucks

Thank you to Everyone for coming out to INFOSEC NIGHT.

We started off a little slow and with some confusion and some help from the crowd I think we are on the right track.  I am not sure if I misrepresented what the idea was for the event.  I will just clarify so we are all on the same page.

First and foremost this is a Working Group NOT a class.  This is a thought exercise and a reason to learn some stuff or find a better way to do something.
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InfoSec Night: Working Group-Build a better Kali Kick Off

TOPIC: Working Group-Build a better Kali Kick Off
SUMMARY: Kali Linux is like that Swiss Army Knife that everyone has with 127 tools on it. Some tools are used more often and for the most part the rest of it is just bloat and goes unused. I am not saying Kali is unusable and is terrible, but wouldn't it be nice to have your own build that is suited for you and updates and builds things the way you like every time. No matter what you do Blue Team or Red Team you have your go to tools and development environments. I want to start building scripts and use Dave Kennedy’s Pen Testers Framework (PTF) to create something people can use to deploy their own environment.
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INFOSEC NIGHT: Raspberry Pi Hacking/ INFOSEC After Action Report

Thank you to Everyone for coming out to INFOSEC NIGHT.

We had a great turn out.  I like seeing the new faces in the crowd.  I am glad more and more people are learning about INFOSEC and about Unallocated and what we have to offer.

I hope everyone liked the presentation.  I tried to show concepts and ideas through my own adventures with the Raspberry Pi.  This was not a hands on event because there are so many possibilities and things that can be done with this mini linux machine.
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Linux 102 Test Run – Post event announcement

Hey all,

Earlier tonight (7/17) I ran a Test Run of a Linux class that I am developing. I did so with the goal of revealing any issues with the exercises, infrastructure, and the flow of the course.
I wanted to reach out and thank all who showed up, participated, and provided the wealth of great feedback, as well as a special thanks to Bowie for letting me use the space on Project Night.

I’m compiling and organizing all of the feedback tonight, and will get started on updates to the course tomorrow which will continue up until the release of the class.
There are a ton of improvements to make and I want to thank you again for bearing with the Severn area Comcast internet outage, and the rough edges in the presentation.

I’m really encouraged that we had a full house of people interested in the finished event, and am trying to work quickly to finish up the exercises while doing service to the topic.

I am shooting for a Final release in October

For those who asked how to donate to UAS for providing free area education you can do so through:

Thanks again!
– Flay

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InfoSec Night: RaspberryPi Hacking/InfoSecProj­ects

TOPIC: RaspberryPi Hacking/INFOSEC Projects
SUMMARY: There are lots of cool projects on various flavors of RaspberryPis that we can try talk about or give feedback on. Anything and everything from using a Pi Zero to make a Usb Injection tool to a makeshift Angry Access Point to a rogue network device. Bring your ideas bring your after action reports and let’s all learn about some cool projects we can go home and try or definitely not try. I will specifically go over two projects I am working on, and two I want to work on and the rest will be discussion and other people sharing projects.

Please RSVP on Meetup

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EPIC LAN Party: This Satuday, July 15th!!

It’s that time again — time for another EPIC event of the LAN Party variety!!


That’s right. another epic twelve hours of gaming and fragging fun!!

Bring a dish or snacks to share, if you wish, and we’ll have a spread for lunch and snacking! We’ll likely order pizza around the dinner hour, so bring $5-10 to get in on that action. 

Bring your gaming rig, whether laptop or desktop, your **UPDATED** games/clients/OS, potluck item(s), and an appetite for destruction and mayhem (virtual, that is.) 

Approximate Schedule: 

  •  12pm – 2pm Setup
  •   2pm – 5pm Free Play (we’ll see what people are interested in)
  •   5pm – 6pm Minecraft Hunger Games Style Deathmatch
  •   6pm FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •   6pm ~ 7pm TBD Tournament ‘Hot Seat’ + Dinner Break
  •   7pm- 12am Free Play (we’ll see what people are interested in)

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