Blockchain Hack Night This Sunday

Have you ever wondered about Blockchains, the technology behind Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin? The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) is putting together a Hack Night this Sunday at 3pm to teach about Blockchain Technology! Come on by and expand your knowledge! Meetup Event Page

During this hacknight, we’ll give participants access to APIs and toolkits provided by IOTA, SIA, Chain, and Netki. Participants will also be able to directly connect with developers from these companies through BEN’s Slack channel to get any questions they may have answered.

If you have any ideas or input, please let us know!

Description: The Blockchain Education Network is hosting a global educational gauntlet which is a blockchain accelerator that shines a global spotlight on applications developed throughout November to get the mentor-ship participants need to take their ideas and projects to the next level. Get questions answered by blockchain developers and have your project reviewed by blockchain Venture Capitalists.

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Unallocated Post Thanksgiving Pot Luck SUN 11/27

Greetings everyone!!!!!!

Unallocated Space would like to welcome everyone to the Space on November 27th at 11am-6pm for an after Thanksgiving pot luck!! Every year we all make way to much food, and lets face it not all of it gets eaten! So, lets feed our fellow hackers, and anyone else who wants to show and have a great time with games and music too.

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Demonsaw – Learn About Anonymous Information Sharing SAT 11/26

​Come out to Unallocated Space on Saturday, Nov 26th at 2pm to talk about online anonymity and what it means to others with our friend Eric J. Anderson "Eijah". Eijah is a C++ programmer by day and a hacker by night and founder of Demonsaw. 

Most recently he was a Senior Programmer at Rockstar Games where he created GTAV and Max Payne 3. 

Demonsaw is a secure and anonymous information sharing application that makes security simple and gives you back control of your data.

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Solder Class TUE 11/8: 7pm – 10am

Have you ever wanted to learn how to solder? Come to Unallocated Space on Tuesday, November 8th at 7pm. We will walk you through the basics of safe soldering. You will be assembling the SparkFun WeevilEye kit. We have plenty of kits on hand, so come on by to this free event and gain a new skill!

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Flash Sale / Yard Sale FRI 10/28

We are greatful to have received a large donation of open box retail items to tinker with. We’ve had the pleasure of squirreling away those items we can best put to use. As we continue to sort this amazing treasure trove of items, we need your help. We won’t be able to test and store all these items and want to turn this is to a win-win for everyone.

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Ludum Dare 37, Game Development Hackathon SAT/SUN 12/10-11

​Want to make video games? Join us December 10-11, 2016, to participate in the worldwide game jam Ludum Dare 37. In this weekend-long game development hackathon hosted by Unallocated Space and organized by Baltimore Indie Game Developers Group with thier special guest, UMBC Game Developers Club

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Controllers / Arduino Night

Controllers / Arduino Night is going to long term end up as an Internet Of Things (IoT) direction in the course.   The course is going to expand upon the basic Arduino type hardware controller into a more system approach to handle many devices and many interface of which one Arduino is not suited.

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Tune in for Unallocated Space’s first live streamed event (in a while)

It's Happening!

Update: I got attacked for saying “first” because apparently it’s happened before. So check out our first live streamed event since the last one!

Tune in this Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 for Unallocated Space’s not so first live streamed event. Due to high demand, we will be broadcasting the Introduction to Signal Analysis class using YouTube Live. Click here to be taken to the live stream.

If you cannot make the live stream, you will be able to watch the class later. Of course we would still love to see you in person at the event. There are parts of this class that simply cannot be replicated over the internet.

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Thank You To Our Signal Analysis Sponsors

Unallocated Space is proud to announce that the Intro to Signal Analysis Class and Capture The Flag (CTF) has received donations from some awesome companies. The generous donations from these companies will be used as prizes and to support the operation of the Signals CTF. A special thanks goes out to the following sponsors:


Thank you for the donation of two Airspy R2 devices and a Spyverter for CTF Prizes

RGS Specialists

RGS Specialists

Thank you for the cash donation for materials to run the CTF



Thank you for the donation of two TCXO improved V3 RTL-SDR dongles

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Halloween & Horror: Epic 12hr LAN Party ~ Sat 10/29

Halloween & Horror Epic LAN Party, October 29th!! 12 HOURS of Haunting Good Fun from noon til midnight!!

We knew you were dying to come play some horror-themed games with us on Halloween weekend, and we did not want to disappoint!

Saturday, October 29, from noon until midnight we will be running another epic 12-hour LAN party — this time horror-themed!

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