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OSCP Study Group

TweetHey all, For the next few weeks we’re shifting the format from doing liveshares on vulnerable machines to doing a more conventional class structure supported by instruction, followed by lab time. Much of the instruction is being done by an … Continue reading

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Solder Class TUE 11/8: 7pm – 10am

Tweet Have you ever wanted to learn how to solder? Come to Unallocated Space on Tuesday, November 8th at 7pm. We will walk you through the basics of safe soldering. You will be assembling the SparkFun WeevilEye kit. We have … Continue reading

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Controllers / Arduino Night

TweetControllers / Arduino Night is going to long term end up as an Internet Of Things (IoT) direction in the course.   The course is going to expand upon the basic Arduino type hardware controller into a more system approach … Continue reading

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Introduction to Signal Analysis

TweetCome out to Unallocated Space Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 at 7pm to 10pm for an introduction to radio frequency (RF) signal analysis. This 4 week class will cover locating, identifying, demodulating, and decoding common RF signal types. Update: If you plan … Continue reading

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Monday Electronics Fundamentals Class Series – NEW

TweetStarting Monday, October 20th the Electronics Fundamentals class will begin! The class will kick off around 7pm and run until about 9pm. The first class will be all theory but it will be the foundation for every other class to … Continue reading

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Barcode Shmarcode 2014

TweetDC949 has a rule that they do not run any event for more then 5 years, but this year is the 6th year of Barcode Shmarcode. Heidi, the awesome organizer of Shmoocon, asked that we take over the event. DA … Continue reading

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OWASP is taking over Web Dev Night Nov 7

TweetOn November 7th starting at 6pm, we will be hosting this months OWASP meeting with Chuck Willis giving a Hands-on introduction to OWASP BWA and ZAP This interactive session will provide an introduction to two OWASP Projects: the Broken Web … Continue reading

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What Is a Hackerspace?

TweetI get a lot of questions from the curious and/or uninitiated about what a hackerspace is. Every time I’m asked I find myself at somewhat of a loss for words.  It’s not that a hackerspace isn’t definable — it’s just that it’s … Continue reading

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Big Changes Coming to Unallocatedspace

TweetHey everyone. As some of you may know, there have been some changes to the unallocatedspace board of directors.  I (Crypt0s) am now president of Unallocatedspace following Dave Marcus’s resignation due to travel and availibility. With this Presidency, I am … Continue reading

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Seeking Lab Enthusiasts

TweetContinuing with the trend of vastly improving the network infrastructure at Unallocated Space, we are now searching for anyone, someone, a couple of people–to be involved in building out our lab environment. Labs that we would like to see include: … Continue reading

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