Web Dev Night

roosterOne of our several continuing courses is Web Development night, hosted by r00ster. The event is intended to show the ropes to those who are new to web development, and to introduce new technology to the old dogs. While each event will have a focus (Drupal, PHP, foundational concepts like GIT[ ], etc.), if you’re working on a site, bring it in for suggestions and help.

While Web Development nights are usually every Thursday, keep an eye on our Event Calendar for updates and check our Mailing List to find out what the topic of the evening will be (and to suggest topics of interest). While we have some older laptops running Ubuntu, it would be advisable to bring a computer of your own with the development tools you’re already familiar with, along with any sites you’d like to create. For more details, contact r00ster!

Starting February 5th, 2015, we will begin a 5 week segment on JavaScript

We’re hosting a five week javascript course to expose our web night visitors to all the various flavors of this language. This course is designed to take beginners and show them a macro view of javascript, frameworks and data structures to help developers attain a sense of the variety of tools available to them.

As always, we recommend you bring a laptop, but have spares if necessary

——— Append weekly description to appropriate week ———-

Week 1: We’ll start off with the basics of javascript. Learn the history, uses, structures, syntax, the Document Object Model and some tips and tricks. This is a good intro class for those who have had little to no exposure to javascript and would like to get started. We will also introduce some simple debugging techniques.

Week 2: This week, we’ll be introducing jQuery and showing how it not only saves time, but also acts to standardize behaviors across browsers. We’ll walk through reacting to different browser events, how to build selectors, traverse the document structure and the basics of AJAX.

Week 3: We’ll be focusing on AJAX interactions and understanding the relationship between data and javascript. We’ll be using ajax to do more complex tasks and aggregate data from different sources.

Week 4: We’ll be talking about the new Meteor.js framework and build a basic application using a headless DDT data structure. This is going to be the basics of Meteor and serve as an introduction.

Week 5: We’ll be wrapping things up with angular.js and a demo of a library of all of the really cool javascript libraries that have come out now, such as d3.js, rapheal.js, codepen, three.js and others.

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