OSCP Study Group – Friday Sept 22nd

PURPOSE: Hack things to help prep for the OSCP Certification.
TIME: 7pm Fridays (Except 1st of the month)
Check the meetup to RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Unallocated-Space/events/242846500/

FORMAT: This week it is — Lecture & Lab time (~40/60)

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate – Advanced
Go through exercises & reading for weeks: 1 – 4

SUMMARY: We talk about hacking boxes then we hack boxes.
This week we’re covering weeks 3-4 from
https://pentesterlab.com/bootcamp and using the oscp simulated network in hands-on activities led by Rhett.

EQUIPMENT: Kali (VM or Bare Metal)

POST MEETING MINUTES: To be updated after meeting



We took a break from walking through the pentest bootcamp materials to participate in CSAW CTF 2017 because CTF’s are fun. Before we jumped in we ran two demo’s.

  • Meatbunny gave a nice live demo on http for the newbies, and reminded us all that you can just use the python SimpleHTTPServer instead of setting up a full web server. Here’s the spell python -m SimpleHTTPServer
    This project has been moved to http.server in python3. Find out more by clicking on this Fancy Link
  • flay walked through a python script to communicate over sockets using the socket.makefile method instead of handling buffer data manually. (Used this exact thing on the solution for ‘ serial ‘ in CSAW.
  • Then we all started banging on CTF problems. Ask for our hideous code / solutions. We’ll probably share.
    If you want to play, join #ctf ; we’re competing until it ends.
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